Guidelines for Applicants (Long-Term Course)

People who plan to come and get a Student Visa, please look at this information. You can attend our Japanese Language Comprehensive Course for up to 2 years depending on the enrollment period.

≪Length of Courses and Months of Admission≫

2 years course April・October
1 year and 9 months course July・January
1year and 6 months course October・April
1year and 3 months course January・July
1year course April・October

≪Classes available≫

Level 1 ~ 9 Each level is 3 months

※For more detail about levels, please look at [Course Information]

≪Class hours≫

Morning Session 9:00~12:40
Afternoon session 13:10~16:50

※You will be placed in the morning or in the afternoon class depending on your level.

≪Requirements to apply≫

  1. Completion of a 12-year education or equivalent approved by I.C.NAGOYA.
  2. A clear and proper purpose of studying Japanese.
  3. A financial statement showing sufficient funds to cover all of the applicant’s expenses (including tuition fee) for the duration of his/her study at I.C.NAGOYA.


Selection fee 25,000 yen (only the first time)
Admission fee 60,000yen (only the first time)
Tuition 680,000yen(1 year)
Facilities & maintenance fee 26,000yen(1 year)

※For information regarding texbooks and other fees, please contact us.

≪Application Period≫

Month of Admission Application Period
April From second week of September to second week of November
July From third week of January to third week of March
October From second week of March to second week of May
January From third week of July 〜 third week of September

≪Application Procedures≫

  1. Complete the “Questionnaire” and send it to I.C.NAGOYA.
  2. After checking it the school will give you an “Application form”
  3. Submit the required “Application Documents” and pay the Selection fee.
  4. Examination by school and Immigration Office
  5. Issue of the Certificate of Eligibility
  6. Pay the school fees and I.C.NAGOYA will give you the Certificate of Eligibility
  7. Apply for a Visa at the nearest Embassy / Consulate of Japan
  8. Issue of Visa
  9. Arrive in Japan and enter I.C.NAGOYA

To download the Questionnaire click HERE (Word)