Training commissioned by Government and Companies

This is a course for foreign employees, trainees and people from abroad. We prepare the curriculum depending on the purpose of learning such as daily conversation, communication at the workplace, Japanese society adaptation and global resource development. For a family member who wishes to study the Japanese language and life/culture, please contact us.


As-needed basis


Weekdays Between 9:00-21:00 Please consult us regarding your availability
Saturdays Between 9:40-16:00 Please consult us regarding your availability


Admission fee 10,000 yen (Tax excluded)
Lesson fee(For one hour) 1 student:5,100yen、2 students:6,700yen、3 students:8,500yen、4 students:10,700yen (Tax excluded)
Textbooks fee Actual cost

【Flow of the Training】

  1. Counseling ・ Estimate of expenses
  2. Level check Test ・ Curriculum making
  3. Contract
  4. Training
  5. Report submitted

※For more information please contact us.