Course Information(A student visa can be acquired with this course)

This is a comprehensive course for students who want to learn Japanese as a means of communication while improving their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. (※A student visa can be acquired with this course)


  • People who want to study in a university, technical school or higher education in Japan.
  • People who aim to work in Japanese companies abroad or companies in Japan.
  • People who want to use proper Japanese in their daily life.
  • People who aim to improve their Japanese ability.

<Classes and Levels>9 levels from Elementary ~Advanced

Level 1 【Elementary】 Learning pronunciation, Hiragana, Katakana, basic kanji and respectful/ honorific grammar, students will be able to communicate in daily life.
Level 2
Level 3 【Pre-Intermediate】 Strengthen the ability to express simple phrases according to situations. Also study basic expressions which will be introduced in an intermediate level.
Level 4 【Intermediate】 Strengthen the vocabulary and grammar through topics outside daily life. Learn how to express more naturally and accurately.
Level 5
Level 6 【Pre Advanced】 Learning how to use more advanced vocabulary and complex expressions in order to enhance comprehension and communication abilities in a wide variety of situations in life.
Level 7
Level 8 【Advanced】Learning expressions from themes in all fields, including current events topics in order to be able to understand university lectures and social life.
Level 9

<Advantages of our classes>

  • Students will learn not only the language, but also the culture, manners and traditions of Japan. It will help them to have a better understanding of the language.
  • With practical class activities such as group work and discussions students will be able to use correct the Japanese language.
  • We will guide their progress and help them reach their goals developing each student’s abilities.

<How to apply>

People who plan to get the Student visa ☞ Look at the [Guidelines for Applicants (Long-Term Course)]
People who plan to study with a Short-term Visa ☞ Look at the [Guidelines for Applicants (Short term Course)]
People who have a visa other than a Student-Visa ☞ Look at the [Guidelines for Applicants (Domestic Residents)]