General Japanese Course Course summary

This is the course that was designed specifically for students to get more opportunities to speak and improve their conversational skills, by only very few students in each class. (※Eligible course for student visa).


  • Those who wants to learn Japanese properly which is necessary in daily life
  • • People who already studied Japanese and want to improve.

<Available classes>Beginner~Intermediate Divided into 6 levels

Classes Study goals
BeginnerⅠ-(1) Learning pronunciation, Hiragana, Katakana, basic kanji, students will be able to introduce themselves and others.
BeginnerⅠ-(2) Students will be able to talk about what they want to do or other people want to do, also about their experiences and dreams. (Such as jobs etc.)
Pre-intermediate(1) Be able to make polite requests, apologies providing reasons, and express what they are wishing for. Ability to describe two or more events and make connections between them. Be able to describe things and people in detail, and the presence or absence of physical obstacles.
Pre-intermediateⅡ(2) Build and understanding of the fun facts of changing perspective, and the ability to express their feelings and detailed situations. Be able to use and express accurate nuances such as purpose, reasons, prediction and conjecture.
Intermediate1 Be able to understand and consider the basic mores of Japan while communicating naturally with native speakers. Be able to write approximately 400 words of sentences about familiar themes including personal opinions, comparisons, reasons and rationales.
Intermediate Be able to comprehend most of the information, what they’re talking about and the relations between the characters with a near natural speed of conversation.
Be able to write cohesive sentences with expressing their opinions effectively or offering criticisms on various themes.

Features of the class

  • In order to truly understand and use the Japanese language, we provide interactive and communicative lessons that meet the needs of each individual learner by incorporating not only the Japanese language itself, but culture, tradition and spirit of Japan.
  • Based on solid basic Japanese, we will help you raise your learning level in small increments.


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