I.C.NAGOYA Japanese language school

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Main educational achievements

  • Japanese language course for international students
  • Japanese course for high school students abroad /Learn the langugae and culture of modern Japan
  • Japanese course for trainees in Aichi / Gifu / Mie Prefecture
  • Japanese course for corporate trainees
  • Business Japanese training for corporate expatriates
  • Japanese course for foreigners before been employed
  • Regional Internship Program for Career Development of Foreign Students from Asia(Japanese Ministry of Economy)
  • Dispatch of Japanese language teachers to schools in Brazil
  • Japanese Language Training Program for Care Worker Candidates (Japanese Ministry of Economy)
  • Demonstration Project for online Japanese Language Education with COVID-19.


Oct-1982 Sony Language Laboratory NAGOYA School opened.
Apr-1983 Japanese Language Course started
Apr-1986 Started Japanese language education. (The first Japanese Language school notified by the Ministry of Justice in Chubu, the central area of Japan.)
Apr-1996 The school management incorporated as N.I.S. Co. Ltd. Changed its name to I.C.NAGOYA based on the concept 『 We educate people to think and act from a global point of view 』.
Oct-1999 The [Full-time Japanese General Course] changed into a 2 class time system to strengthen student’s acceptance from overseas and changed the course name to [Japanese College Preparatory Course].
Oct-2012 Due to a wide variety of learner needs, we renamed our [Japanese College Preparatory Course] to [Japanese Comprehensive Course]
April-2016 Headquarters location changed Dai Nagoya Building
May-2016 Participation in With us Group Co.,Ltd
April-2021 The company name was changed from NIS Co.,Ltd. to Global With Us Co.,Ltd due to the business integration with Genki Global Co.,Ltd.
April-2022 Japanese General course started

I.C.NAGOYA believes a true Japanese language education should teach thoughts and values hidden behind words through valuing the relationship with others. We acknowledge the personality and provide the adequate environment to achieve the goal.